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Gentlemen's Club.



Music, friendship and memories are some of the things that drive Gentlemen’s Club to push forward in their journey to success. Gentlemen’s Club is an alternative-pop band comprised of seven gentlemen, who have different musical inspirations. Recently formed in late 2014, Gentlemen’s Club had the incentive to find the most talented musicians in the Inland Empire. Hunter and Chris provide the harmony and songwriting, which has put out hits like “Pick up Lines” and “Forbidden Love”. Garrett uses his rock influences to smoothly lace rhythms with his guitar. Then we have Hugo who provides the funk and soul of the bass and Thomas who uses the vibrant sound of the trumpet. Lastly, Kam keeps everything composed with his strong and clear-cut drumming knacks. The band recently dropped their first Ep “Kiss n’ Tell” in October 2014 and they are currently in the studio working on new material. We’re honored to say their music can be heard every day, here on Coyote Radio!

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