Local Bands


Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap

Bio: Kunceal is a uprising Rapper from Rialto, CA. His latest EP “Backseat Driver” dropped July 28, 2016 and it is available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon music. You can follow his YouTube channel, KuncealTV, where you can watch his music videos, interviews and his very own video productions. Kunceal is an artist of many talents; he raps, he is a videographer and, now, creating his own merchandise that will soon be available! On top of his other EP, “More to Life,” Kunceal is currently working on some new music and we cannot wait to hear what he has in store for his fans. If you like rap and hip hop with a positive message don’t miss out on this great artist.

The VP

Genre: They are an Alternative Pop/Rock band from Rancho Cucamonga named.

Bio: The VP has a mix style of artistic influences such as John Mayer, Maroon 5, Franz Ferdinand, and Kings of Leon. They just released their EP about a month ago and have played at the House of Blues-Downtown Disney, Avalon-Bardot in Hollywood, DBA Wine and Bar in Downtown Pomona, Mission Tobacco Lounge in Downtown Riverside, Joseph Filippi Winery in Rancho Cucamonga, and many more.

The Red Harbour

Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock

Bio: The Red Harbour is a young and rising independent band from Southern California. Drawing from their life experiences, the Red Harbour is able to explore new sounds more freely. The band consists of four members, singer, Ricky McPherson, guitarists, Jimmi Stepanik and Sam Mayo, along with bassist, David McPherson. In 2015, they released their first singles, “Run Away” and “Ocean” along with their debut music video for “Run Away.”


Genre: Indie

Bio: Daise is a band from San Bernardino, CA. The band consists of Elijah Deleon on vocals and guitar, Edwin Robles as lead guitarist, Justin Barner on bass guitar and Luke Johnson on the drums. They are dark but dreamy and can definitely make you dance.

Daydream Time Machine

Genre: Oldies rock/ soul surf psychedelic

Bio: Daydream Time Machine is a local band from the Inland Empire. Their psychedelic vibes will make you move and groove. The band of Carlos on guitar, Chris on vocals and guitar, Ramon on bass, and Beck on drums. With shows all over the Inland Empire including at the Acerogami in Downtown Pomona and the MTL Concert Venue and Lounge in Riverside, Daydream Time Machine is growing its audience.

Reyna Roberts

Genre: R&B/ Pop

Bio: Reyna, who has been singing since she was little, is now a singer and songwriter. She plays the piano, has been for 10 years, where she composes most of her songs on. She has had the opportunity to perform at the House of Blues, Sunset in the Foundation Room and at the Avalon in Hollywood. Her latest music single and video, "Lying to myself” is available to watch on YouTube.

  • Twitter: @TheReynaRoberts
  • Instagram: TheReynaRoberts
  • YouTube: Reyna Roberts
  • Facebook: Reyna Roberts


Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap

Bio: AG, a rapper from Riverside, CA, is making his mark across the Inland Emipre by performing all over the region. He has opened up for YG at the Yost Theater and the Municipal Auditorium in Riverside. His EP “Castle in the Sky” is available for download. His new single “Heating Up” is(becoming popular) in the IE. AG has the music that will have your head moving and ready to party.